QROPS Research and Guides

QROPS returns

Every QROPS scheme in New Zealand has funds that have a distinct blends of risk and return. When matching your retirement objectives with the funds you invest in its important to understand these differences.

QROPS fees

Different fees charged at different stages by QROPS, from up front fees to ongoing fees. Small variances in fees can cause large in your returns so it is important to investigate QROPS fees.

The evolution of QROPS

New Zealand QROPS now receive over 30% of all international transfers out of UK pension schemes. So how has New Zealand evolved as a QROPS destination and what can you expect to get from a NZ QROPS.

Guides for making important decisions

We produce a number of guides on important topics designed to help you with key decisions and events around UK pensions, QROPS and pension transfers.

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