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We have transferred our company pensions from the UK to New Zealand using Charter Square and have found their team to be dedicated to our cause, kept us informed of progress and explained the options available and their implications. Their tenacity to get matters resolved has been very reassuring the process simple and worry free. We would certainly recommend this company to others considering this move.
L Smith, New Zealand
Charter Square were professional, insightful and a pleasure to work with. They rose to the challenge of consolidating my overseas pensions and bringing them home with minimum fuss for me and maximum effort on their part.
Jens H, New Zealand
I am compelled to advise people of the impeccable and tenacious all round service I have received on dealings relating to the pension transfer into New Zealand by Charter square and their associated investment partners. The transfer in this case was a long and winding road which went on for nearly 22 months and all to do with the uncompromising attitude and delaying tactics from the source in releasing what I had always believed was my money and I had any final say. It needed to be transferred to New Zealand due to tax implications that have cost me that they took no consideration towards. The easiest and probably what the transferring out company wanted was to make it so difficult Charter Square and team would give up. I am so grateful for all of their efforts and continued support on actions and keeping me informed all of the time. It has been such a nightmare however, I am fortunate to have chosen the right people to complete proceedings. I can only say that in my experience, I would not wish my situation on anybody but whatever situation is put in front of Charter Square, they will see it through.
Ray S, New Zealand
I just wanted to say a great big thank you to you and your team. You are all totally awesome. I received a cheque yesterday from the Prudential to apologise for the ‘recent inconvenience’ that I had experienced. Thank you for doing this for me. You guys rock!
Noelle B, New Zealand
Simon at Charter Square was patient and pragmatic in his approach to helping with my UK pension transfer. Despite a number of challenges and requests for more information by my UK provider he remained positive and followed up in a way that gave me confidence in the process when it would have been easy to become concerned about the delays and details. I would recommend Charter Square’s services to anyone trying to navigate a transfer process.
Helen P, New Zealand
I would like to record my appreciation for the efforts and professionalism shown by Cambel and his team at Charter Square. We looked at a couple of providers but they were head and shoulders above the others and I am so thankful we went with them. Transferring a pension is quite a complex matter. However, Cambel and his team were really on the ball in making sure I was informed over what was happening. As it ended up, one of my UK Pensions tried to make things difficult and they were just generally slow and unhelpful. This meant I really saw how important it is to have the right people managing your transfer. Cambel’s team managed things through and I have been very happy with the result and most grateful to them.
If I can impart any advice it’s; don’t assume that it is an easy process. However if you have the right people managing things for you, it will make all the difference and you will be happy with the result. I shall certainly be recommending Charter Square to others from the UK who could benefit from moving their pensions over.
George P, New Zealand
I was advised by a colleague who had emigrated to New Zealand from the UK to reach out to Cambel and his team at Charter Square in regard to the pensions I had accrued in the UK over the past decade. This advice and that of Charter Square was the best I have received in recent times. I found the team there to be professional, attentive and extremely knowledgeable and competent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone coming home or emigrating here. Be safe in the knowledge that your pension transfer will be painless, faultless and above all right when it comes to HMRC!
Andrew D, New Zealand
Cambel, I appreciated your personal attention to my transfer and your guidance and reassurance throughout the process!
Jane D, New Zealand
Simon gave an exceptional service in obtaining the transfer of UK pensions back to New Zealand. His persistence was greatly appreciated and his knowledge of the pension market is was also very helpful.
Andrew E, New Zealand
Simon has executed an important financial project at high speed and with impeccable result. I have been impressed by his continuous commitment and reliable communications. Despite the distance he was always close and accessible. I recommend Simon highly
Paul F, France
Simon arranged the transfer of my UK pension. He was excellent to deal with – he was very knowledgeable and kept me fully informed throughout the process. I have recommended him to many friends moving from the UK to NZ.
Victoria M, New Zealand
Simon and the team were a fantastic support during my pension transfer, completing the arrangements under considerable time pressure due to the pending expiry of my valuation. They were highly responsive, and always available for my questions
Roberta P, New Zealand
We would like to thank you both for the time and effort put into this transfer but especially Natalie who managed somehow to get the shortfall transferred too, I’m sure it was a mission to do that and its really appreciated that you went out of your way to get it for us it makes a big difference! Trying to do this on our own would have been just too difficult for us to understand as well as going to work everyday so the fact that you did this without us having to do too much is a fantastic service and one I’ll be recommending to anyone in the same position.
Tim and Carole S, New Zealand
Thank you Cambel for your help and guidance throughout this process in getting my pension transferred (very stress free for me). It is greatly appreciated and I would certainly recommend you and Charter Square to others who are interested in transferring their pension.
David R, New Zealand
Simon facilitated my United Kingdom private pension scheme transfer to New Zealand. Even though we weren’t in the same city and never met I felt in secure hands right from the first conversation. Also, despite the fact that the rules changed part way through my pension transfer, Simon was in complete control and managed the whole process meaning it was completely stress free for me. All my questions, no matter how small, were answered in a very professional and honest manner. I also specifically liked the prompt reply in emails and being kept up to date as soon new information came to hand, which reinforced the confidence I have in Simon. I can’t recommend Simon and Charter Square highly enough. I have already recommended my friends/family that have overseas pensions they want to bring them back to New Zealand to contact him.
David R, New Zealand
I have recently had 3 pension funds transferred from the UK into New Zealand. Due to changes in tax laws we did not have a lot of time to complete the process but Cambel Ferguson of Charter Square, together with their office in the UK, completed the transfers successfully. The process went smoothly, Cambel’s instructions to us and the feedback we received were excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.
A D, New Zealand
I have recently completed my Pension Transfer from the UK to New Zealand. Cambel at Charter Square handled all my needs proficiently and professionally. My transfer was particularly challenging due to the fact that my pension was subject to a matrimonial split, in that my ex-spouse had a court order during our divorce entitling her to half my pension. This lengthened and complicated the process to a large degree but Charter Square handled the details for me while advising me and local lawyers so we could work with my UK pension managers to split the funds. To further complicate matters my UK pension fund managers where particularly difficult to deal with and not very communicative. However, Charter Square woredk tirelessly through this to completion. Charter Square also advised me of my Tax implications along with sound advice and assistance for NZ schemes to invest in. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cambel and the team for their diligent assistance and I would recommend their services to anyone wishing to transfer a pension.
JR, Auckland
Cambel, I’m grateful to you for shepherding me through this process over the last several months. I have appreciated your willingness to explain the process, respond very promptly to my questions, and provide clarity about my options. I would certainly have been in difficulties had I attempted to take on the process unaided!
GW Mangere, Auckland
Charter Square have used their experience and expertise to manage the transfer from the UK very smoothly, managing over and round all the potential obstacles. So a big thanks to Cambel and his team. Thanks again.
Rob M, Auckland
I transferred two pensions recently and would recommend Charter Square for all your pension transfer requirements,from beginning to end they were very professional in what can be a very stressful and time consuming process,I found them easy to deal with and available to answer my questions in a prompt and easy to understand manner
Peter C, Auckland
Charter Square and Cambel in particular provided a professional, friendly and customer focused service in transferring my UK pension to New Zealand within a tight timeframe imposed by my UK pension fund. As an Australian resident, I was affected by the UK changes to the QROPS status of Australian superannuation funds. To be able to transfer my pension to a New Zealand superannuation fund with QROPS status has been a great outcome and I highly recommend Charter Square
AM, Australia

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