About QROPS New Zealand

Simple Facts

The QROPSNZ.com website is owned and operated by Charter Square Services a wholly owned New Zealand company. Charter Square have been assisting clients with transferring UK pensions to New Zealand for over 20 years.

We’ve worked with thousands of British expats and people that have lived and worked in the UK and accrued pensions to help them understand the implications of a pension transfer versus leaving their pension in the UK.

What we do

We understand that each client has a different set of circumstances and their pension transfer decision can only be reached by addressing the following key points:


      • A review of your UK pension entitlements

      • Review the financial impact of the transfer

      • Help recommend a receiving QROPS after full due diligence on that scheme

      • Assist with investment recommendations for you

      • Facilitate the pension transfer

    Charter Square and its network of New Zealand and UK based financial advisers are dedicated to getting the right outcomes for clients. Our dedicated admin office in the UK happily chase UK pension providers for forms, updates and transfer payments. And with contacts in over 2,000 UK pension schemes we get action in what can be a slow process.

    We are fully independent

    Neither Charter Square or its financial adviser partners are tied to NZ QROPS for doing our transfers. This is critical as it allows clients to see more than one option. However, because of the volume of transfers that we conduct we can get better deals for our clients when it comes to negotiating with the New Zealand superannuation schemes. The benefits of using Charter Square and our financial adviser partners can include waiver of entry and exit fees, purchasing power discounts on fund management fees, and the knowledge that you get post transfer service including regular updates on issues effecting you and your previously transferred funds.

    Charter Square clients have transferred into over ten different QROPS in New Zealand including, PIE schemes, zero-rate PIE schemes and wrap platform schemes.

    Our key people

    Simon Swallow (M.Com)

    Director – Head of Wellington Office

    I started Charter Square in 2000 in London and never looked back. I believe everyone should make decisions based on all the available information, that’s why I work tirelessly to understand the QROPS market in New Zealand and the legislation surrounding it. I turn that knowledge into actionable strategies for our clients, no matter how big or small their pension transfer. I understand it’s your financial future and you want to make the most of it, everything that I do for you adheres to that principle. I have gone to bat for fairness in pension transfers with the NZ government, the IRD and FMA and am regularly consulted as ‘the expert’ in pension transfers by the press. When you work with me you’ll really discover the world of possibilities for your UK pension.

    Contact me directly


    p: +64 4 212 4970

    Cambel Ferguson

    Head of Auckland Office

    I joined Charter Square in 2013. I have a real passion for delivering the very best service to my clients. I’m a firm believer in no nonsense, clear and regular communications as the best way to build trust with my clients while I work with them. As a transactional business we operate within some very prescriptive regulatory frameworks I believe its crucial I get the message right first time. Working with me on your pension transfer you’ll know you have the best alongside you for this interesting and ultimately financially rewarding journey and I very much look forward to working with you to help you discover how having your UK pension in NZ can benefit you.

    Contact me directly


    p: +64 9 378 1666

    m: +64 21 663109


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