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A Pension Transfer to Drive value

Get more in your pocket with New Zealand’s super friendly tax regime for pensions.  Done right there’s little or no tax on growth and no tax on withdrawals.  

Benefit from stable pension regulations focused on investor friendly protections, as well as multiple regulatory bodies and agencies all looking out for the investor.

No hidden commissions, clear upfront fees for everything, it’s the NZ way (and our regulations ensure it).    You know exactly what you’re paying for.

Grow the investments that are perfect for you. Choose from vast investment options in an array of currencies with full standardised comparisons on returns, fees and risk.  

Discover Your Path For Getting Value From a Pension Transfer

Understand Risks. Then Control Them

Every action has risk with your pension – even doing nothing is an action.  
How you understand and control the risk is what counts  

Doing Nothing risks

  • Miss out on tax free benefits
  • Pay inheritance tax
  • Get exposed to exchange rates

transfer risks

  • Transferring to the wrong type of scheme
  • Getting an unexpected tax bill
  • Giving up guaranteed benefits, forever

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